Celebrity entertainer and plastic surgery devotee: raise the minimum age!

  • 02, 05, 2015
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One of the controversies with obtaining plastic surgery is the fact that teens of younger and younger age are obtaining it, sometimes without their parent’s consent.

In fact, some parents are even buying their teens plastic surgery as an 18th birthday present.

yes, this mom gave her SEVEN year old daughter a voucher

There’s a huge problem with this — the growth process. Young bodies keep growing and developing well into your twenties, and certain plastic surgery procedures can interfere with that growth.

Katie Price, UK celebrity and confirmed plastic surgery devotee, recently advocated raising the minimum plastic surgery age of consent to 21:

‘People should only have surgery for themselves – not for a man, a woman or for a career. Youngsters often do it for the wrong reasons.
’21 year-olds know more. It’s true what they say: you’re wiser as you get older.’

Price revealed that she regretted having plastic surgery as a young person, and would have done it differently given the chance.

The prevalence of plastic surgery in recent years has sprung forth an entirely new industry — corrective plastic surgery. But this is expensive, doesn’t always fix the problem, and can incur further risk.

When celebrities of all people are coming out and saying you’re too young to get plastic surgery — it’s worth taking notice.

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